Undoing Time

In Undoing Time the statements of men and women in prisons across California – those whose voices are rarely heard in debates on criminal justice policy, legislation and governance – are inscribed into products that are produced in prison factories. Each inscribed product is part of a multi-media installation module, which can be exhibited independently or in conjunction with other installation modules from Undoing Time. In each module the inscribed product is accompanied by a video or audio portrait of the quoted prisoner reflecting on his or her own experiences through speech and/or gesture. For example, in Undoing Time/RELIQUARY (above) and Undoing Time/HAUNTINGS (right) the boots and mirrors made and used by prisoners throughout California are labeled with QR codes that link viewers to the full audio of the interview from which the quote etched into the object is taken.

Scroll down for documentation of two video portrait installation modules, Undoing Time/PLEDGE and Undoing Time/ S.O.S.